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ERUUF’s 2021 Virtual Connections Fair


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Connecting With You


Our annual Fall Connections Fair is here online and also livestreamed during Sunday worship this year. This version of the Fair offers opportunities to connect with one another and with what’s going on at ERUUF – even as we’re socially distanced and committed to being healthy and safe.

Follow the prompts below to find out How the Fair Works this year, How to Use This Website, and How to Get to Fair Day.

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Before you move on, kudos to the core group of leaders and staff whose collaborative brainstorming called for pivoting more than once as we reimagined — more than once! — the 2021 Connections Fair during a pandemic. Hats off to Pam DiLavore, Susan Green, Rick Hendrick, Jenny Jolly, Flynn McSherry, Julia Tyler, and Barbara Welanetz.

And an extra special bow to the imagination, skill and creativity of Michele Sager, who designed this website and has been a wonderful partner in co-creating this vision of our beloved Fair.

Most of all, each year the Connections Fair comes together only because of the ERUUF groups who join in to make it happen. It’s especially true this year as we find ourselves creating a Fair in virtual space for the second year in a row. But we’re doing it!

So, let’s get going to the Fair! First stop is right below: How the Fair Works.

Have a good time!

Rev. Jacqueline Brett
Minister for Congregational Engagement


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How The Fair


The Connections Fair is a journey in two stages. 

The first leg is this website where you’ll have an opportunity to check out the various groups at ERUUF. 

The second leg takes place on Sunday, October 3rd at the 11:00am livestreamed worship service. You’ll find out more about connecting at ERUUF from group leaders and why it’s so important that we stay connected in community during these challenging times.

Scroll down to see How to Use This Web Site.

How to use this WeBsite

Most ERUUF Groups are listed on this website. You’re invited to spend some time over the coming days checking out their videos and other information as you figure out who you’d like to connect with.

Click on any of the River Stones below and you’ll be whisked off to an area that allows you to find out more about those groups. In many cases you’ll be able to watch a short video created by group members.


Though some groups do not have a video, we’ve supplied their link to ERUUF’s main website where you can find out more and get in touch should you wish.  

After you’ve checked out the groups and made note of who you’d like to connect with directly, find out How Do I Get to Fair Day?


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How Do I get to Fair Day?

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